Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Best of Friends!!!!

I know I have said this before, but it makes my heart smile when I see my kids playing so well together. They are the BEST of friends... wake up playing together... go to sleep playing together!! I know that one day, this will start to fade away, so I am sucking in every minute of it and enjoying their laughter. They have so much fun hanging out together that it reminds me every day of what sweet blessings God has given us!!! Things have been crazy around our house since Christmas... James has been traveling a lot with work, etc and the kids have just simply grown up. I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with my kids and cherish every minute of life with them.
On another note: J had his one year check-up and was off the charts for everything!!! Imagine that.... his weight was like 97%, height 95%, and his head 93%... such a growing boy!!!! Hoping for an awesome quarterback one day!!!! HA!!! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

J turns ONE!!!!!

This was J's cake we ate on his actual birthday. We celebrated at home with our little family and J loved every little bit of it.. needless to say, we had all the neighborhood kids over the next day to finish off the cupcakes!!

J wanted a cupcake rather than his cake, so we let him dig in... not very smart for a child that had already taken a bath!!

This was J's birthday shirt he wore at his party. It wa sso cute, it had a number one on the front also!!

J playing with all the balloons before all the guests arrived!!

I can't believe I am even typing this, but my baby boy is already ONE!!! This first year has absolutely flown by. He has been such a great baby, little brother, and best friend to Taylor. We are blessed beyond words for such a happy, healthy little boy. He and Taylor are such great friends sometimes I have to just sit back and watch them while holding back my tears. They get a long so well and depend on each other so much. I knew my kids would be close, but never imagined they would be as close as they are at this age. J is walking everywhere nonstop, chasing his sister around the house, and laughing along the way. His favorite thing is to shake his head no at anything you say or ask him. He smiles all day long and keeps right along with his sister.
He is finally sleeping in his bed and pretty much through the night. He has to have an occasional bottle in the middle of the night, but takes it himself and goes back to sleep. He is an early to bed early to rise kind of guy!!
We has family and friends over for his birthday party and he loved it!! He laughed and clapped every time we sang Happy Birthday to him. I don't have any pics of his actual party because my camera died before it started. I hope to be able to post some soon.
Once again..... we are so blessed to have such an adorable, lovable, wonderful little boy..... and sweet, kind hearted, angel little girl!! God is so good to us!!

J and Taylor

J absolutely LOVES a cabinet!!

Taylor got to play in the snow when we went to visit Kyke and Sadie in Oxford!! She loved it!!

J also loves to play in our fire place.. good thing we don't use it!!

J was sick here and was still pretty happy!!

They have had so much fun playing with J's new smart trike.. J loves riding in it and Tay loves pushing it! Her babydolls get to ride whenever J isn't around. Thanks San San for his birthday gift!!

Well, things have been so busy around here lately. I know i keep saying that, but it really is true. I haven't had much time to blog, so when I get a chance, I have to catch up on all the pics. J and Taylor are growing up so fast they both amaze me everyday. I am enjoying every minute I am able to spend with them at home. They are such wonderful blessings!!! We love them so dearly!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My kids are growing up way too fast!!!

We had to try a birthday hat on J... he thought it was hilarious!!

Silly girls wanted their picture taken too!!

J loves his daddys old football helmet 

Taylor lined J up with all her baby dolls!! Do you see how thrilled he is?

J is learning to eat with a spoon!!

Waiting on daddy to get home from his hunting trip!!
My children are growing up so fast!!! I am loving their ages right now. J is all over the place and Taylor loves it!! They are already fighting, and guess who normally wins... J!!  Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Taylor was DYING to use her new umbrella and she got her chance over the holidays!!

J was ALL tangled up in the beads for New Year's Eve

The girls were all watching the forework display

They all LOVED the Dance game on the Wii

J LOVES a FOOTBALL and his daddy LOVES the fact that he is already taking a liking to it!!!!

Ok so Taylor got bored and made a costume out of a cardboard box.. who even knows where the box came form!!
We had a wonderful New Year!! We had all the kids together for New Year's Eve and they had a blast!! Unfortunately, it was raining the entire day/night so the kids were stuck inside.. but it really didn't bother them. New Year's Day it cleared up and we cooked, grilled out, and played outside at our house... along with our friends and it was fun!! The kids were glad to get back outside and that's where they stayed most of the day :) All my Christmas pictures are on another camera, so for now I am just loading the ones I have.
The scary part is my sweet baby boy turns ONE in less than a month and I'm planning his first birthday... it REALLY doesn't seem like he is that old. He is walking around everywhere and is into EVERYTHING!!! But, it's so much FUN!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My sweet babies!!!

Taylor and J are the BEST of friends!! I cannot believe he will be a year old soon! We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope to post pics soon!!